Wish I Knew . . .

#41 Albert Tseng - Entrepreneur / Life changing event / Impact Investing / LOVE for Toronto

March 01, 2022 Gary Nowak
Wish I Knew . . .
#41 Albert Tseng - Entrepreneur / Life changing event / Impact Investing / LOVE for Toronto
Show Notes

I'm your host Gary Nowak and I've got an extremely inspiration conversation for you today with my guest Albert Tseng who has built a very entrepreneurial career with impact investing, sustainable foods and social enterprise.

Career Background:

Co-Founder of Dao Foods 

  • Focusing on China's rising demand for meat and other protein food products with animal free alternatives

Founder of Moonspire Social Ventures

  • Utlizing the power of business to address important global issues

COO and Strategic advisor at BlueDot Inc.

  • Receiving epidemic intelligence of potential emerging infectious diseases

Program manager for the Clinton Foundation in South Africa


  • University of Waterloo with a bachelor in engineering 
  • University of Toronto / Biomedical engineering masters
  • Mid Career MPA at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government


  • A lot of Toronto Love
  • Great first job, very entrepreneurial and insight into his career
  • Heading over to mechanical engineering
  • Albert Loves a process and Becoming an entrepreneur
  • 3rd year university impactful life moment with a simple cut to his knee


    • Contracting necrotizing fasciitis flesh-eating bacteria
    • The impact of this on his career based 
    • 3 surgeries within a 6 day period
    • Coming out of it unscathed
    • 1995 was an extremely difficult year with family and friend loss
  • Gathering all this to find purpose with his career
  • Focusing on the health care industry and recognizing a big gap in information
  • Applying his engineering to the healthcare system
  • Having GREAT bosses along the way
  • Harvard Kennedy School was perfect opportunity at the right time
  • Impact Investing
  • Listen to and verify your own instincts, you can always return to your old job
  • The power of Informational interviews (hear this time and time again)
  • What is your public narrative, your view of the world
  • Cherry Picking from his mentors, very observational
  • You don't always know what you're absorbing when you're going through your career
  • Hitting singles and double not home runs with his career
  • Getting visibility to your blind spots
  • Focusing on the food chain to impact our environment
  • The china focus to move forward on sustainable food options
  • Mobilizing capital to entrepreneurs in china  
  • Helping others achieve their goals
  • Aligning people with what they love to do
  • Being the boss he has always admired
  • Having your kids take advantage of you