Wish I Knew . . .

#68 Liz Evans - Big 4 Principal / Catching Up / Lot's of LOVE / Connecting the Dots

September 13, 2022 Gary Nowak Season 2 Episode 68
Wish I Knew . . .
#68 Liz Evans - Big 4 Principal / Catching Up / Lot's of LOVE / Connecting the Dots
Show Notes

I'm your host Gary Nowak and in addition to being a great person and fantastic former co-worker my guest Liz Evans has one of my most favorite accents of all time (Northern England). 

Career Background:

  • Big 4 Principal for over 5 years
  • Managing director at EquaTerra
  • Managing consultant with PA Consulting Group
  • Attended University of Hertfordshire just north of London studied Business and Decision Science


  • Baby sitting Dads golf buddy kids
  • Claim to fame for her town Captain Cook - Grew up in Northern England
  • LOVED her small college north of London melting pot
  • Parameters from her Mum on where to attend university
  • The LOVE of London and her small university

Wanting to stay at university  and her Phd opportunity

  • Getting into Consulting to "Catch Up" with peers
  • A lot of LOVE in her career and life
  • Finding a mutually beneficial friend in college to provide an alternative perspective
  • Great Dallas project while living in London (Listen to the lifestyle)
  • Comparing working in the UK and the US, insightful
  • Getting terrible advice when moving to the US, using it as motivation
  • Know your own personal North Star
  • Consulting event in San Diego with family and kids, impactful (Mind blowing)
  • There is always a Plan B
  • Liz builds relationships quickly
  • Trust and integrity are core to Liz and her success
  • Consulting is about connecting the dots, we don't have to have all the answers
  • The beauty of a boutique consulting firm
  • Finding her sweet spot in consulting
  • Being Bi-Lingual, shocker
  • Trust who you are and know your boundaries
  • Proud moment of getting promoted to MD while on maternity leave
  • Working in the UK Friday at 4 pm is the best

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