Wish I Knew . . .

#69 Dave Brown (Re-Release) - Global Big 4 Leader / Hiring People / The Zen Master / ABBA!!! (Ugh)

June 18, 2024 Gary Nowak Season 2 Episode 69
Wish I Knew . . .
#69 Dave Brown (Re-Release) - Global Big 4 Leader / Hiring People / The Zen Master / ABBA!!! (Ugh)
Show Notes

I'm your host Gary Nowak and this is by far one of my most organic and fun podcasts where my former boss and guest Dave Brown and I don't get past what he studied in college and managed to enjoy a very insightful conversation. 

Career Background:

  • Principal & Global leader for Shared Services and Outsource advisory for KPMG
  • 10 years of experience with Equaterra and TPI
  • Director of Finance with AT&T for 6 years
  • University of Windsor Bachelor of Psychology / Finance
  • MBA from Queen's University

Talked about the Book "South" by Ernest Shackelford  

 "This is the epic real-life adventure of the Shackleton expedition to the Antarctic that goes wrong in every way possible."


  • Paper boy foundation to his success no bike no basket
  • Getting politely stiffed in Canada during paper boy collections
  • Blue collar upbringing and 1st to go to college
  • The impact of his Parents telling Dave after seeing his grades that they "Shutting this down"
  • Psychology to sociology to business degree
  • Crossing the Canadian / American border for a few beers and saving a few $$
  • Using sports analogies in business, so applicable
  • How Dave builds a team and the process he follows / what is he looking for?
  • Your reputation will follow you everywhere you go
  • Dave's interviewing technique - getting to the stories
  • Hiring people that "look like you"
  • Proud moment has an exponential impact
  • His approach with me while I was in China and Australia
  • Becoming behavioral not mechanical with his mentoring approach
  • Viewing issues from the other point of view
  • Being a strategic thinker, great lesson / operational mindset
  • Being put on the spot by the client and speaking honestly
  • Commanding the room and when to pick and choose when to speak
  • The Zen Master - bringing Zen into a room
  • Best advice - work your tail off, you will be seen and There is more to life than hoping for a new shovel
  • 5 year plan perspective - Trash it
  • Take advantages of opportunities in front of you
  • Support your boss and make them look good
  • Moving to your favorite vacation spot
  • Abba, ugh

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