Wish I Knew . . .

#76 Zoey Ahmad - Researcher / Harvard Fellowship / Great Mom Advice

November 08, 2022 Gary Nowak
Wish I Knew . . .
#76 Zoey Ahmad - Researcher / Harvard Fellowship / Great Mom Advice
Show Notes

Career Background:

  • While at Harvard
    • Graduate research associate 
    • Graduate research fellow 
    • For  2+ years
  • Business Operations and Researcher at The Conference board of Canada
  • User / Market Researcher at Advanced Orthomolecular Research



  • Learning the power of conversational skills early through selling cloths
  • Choosing a community college for close interaction with peers and instructors
  • Starting off in medical school then converting to Psychology and a Philosophy degrees
  • Great career experience was working for a Think Tank
  • Being a curious person and having this serve her well through her career
  • Facilitating discussions at the C-Suite level just out of University
  • The Red Velvet Cake conversation
  • Being a woman in some male dominated industries
  • Getting the research fellowship at Harvard
  • NOT having a tunnel vision of her career
  • Mom Advice
    • Trust your process 
    • Don't compare your journey to others
  • The imposter Syndrome @ Harvard and learning to fit in
  • Noticing the power of mentoring and seeing clarity
  • Embrace uncertainty and take the first step

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I'm your host Gary Nowak and I had so much fun learning about my guest @Zoey Ahmed and how she progressed through her career at this very early stage.

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