Wish I Knew . . .

#78 Linda Griffin - IBM 30 Years / Book Self Publishing Coach / Write a book, become an expert

November 22, 2022 Gary Nowak
Wish I Knew . . .
#78 Linda Griffin - IBM 30 Years / Book Self Publishing Coach / Write a book, become an expert
Show Notes

Career Background:

  • Been with Grass roots Marketing systems for over 12 years
    • Book Self publishing coach 
    • Business and marketing coach
  • 30 years with IBM starting in the '70's reaching Senior Executive level
  • MBA from the University of South Florida
  • Bachelor from Auburn University with a degree in Mathematics
  • Find her on her website at expertauthor411.com




"The Magic Of Thinking Big"  David Schwartz



"Think and Grow Rich" Napoleon Hill




  • Her first leadership job
  • Using her brothers for good
  • Great reason to move from Chemistry to Mathematics
  • Starting with IBM in the '70's, where IBM had to build their own training curriculum
  • Being a woman of color working for IBM in the 70's and embracing it
  • Finding and getting mentors along the way
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable and doing your homework ahead of time
  • Look for those who are guru's or in the know
  • The unspoken powers in the room
  • Don't bluff, you will get found out
  • Volunteer for things instead of being asked
  • Making a space AT the table
  • All roads go back to the relationships you build
  • Excellent advice on getting in front of the executive
  • Be curious, everyone can help with you career success
  • Wanted to own a bookstore
  • Write a book, become an expert / Focusing on hospitality and B&B's
  • Taking early retirement after 30 years
  • Best advice and a "Hell of Wheels" boss
  • Becoming a book coach and the evolution of this

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I'm your host Gary Nowak and what a career journey you are doing to enjoy today with my guest Linda Griffin.  Linda has so much great experience to share and a couple of career pivots that you will find interesting.

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