Wish I Knew . . .

#28 Colleen Thome - PM Growth Incubator / Entrepreneur / Storytelling / Irish Dancing

November 09, 2021 Gary Nowak Season 1 Episode 28
Wish I Knew . . .
#28 Colleen Thome - PM Growth Incubator / Entrepreneur / Storytelling / Irish Dancing
Show Notes

Career Overview

  • Program Manager for the Googles Growth Incubator enabling customers to accelerate their revenue growth 
    • As part of her role she is responsible for empowering a growth first mindset while tying back to her customers’ business goals. 
  • Prior to this role, Colleen oversaw thought leadership and narrative development for the Home & Consumer Services Vertical at Google. 
    • She translated the macro-economic trends into business & marketing strategies for her customers. She also currently serves as the Social Impact Chair for Google’s Women@Chicago.
  • Prior to Google, Associate Manager at Nielsen, specializing in Category & Brand Innovation.
    • She also co-lead the Women in Nielsen Chicago Chapter 
  • Colleen earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing & Management with a focus in International Business from University of Miami. 
  • She thrives in navigating ambiguity and is passionate about impact driven storytelling and empowering women 
  • She lives in Chicago with her husband and puppy, and is passionate about empowering women through her watercolor business CKTAtelier.com



  • Why Irish dancers keep their arms down
  • Being prepared for the Mock interviewing for the right company
  • How networking can be daunting and overwhelming
  • Networking advice
    • Connect with humans
    • Asking Questions
    • Be Authentic
    • Genuinely curious
    • Key is to connect back with people in your life

  • Great job out of College, a title with innovation in the title
  • Storytelling in a thoughtful way
  • Asking questions
    • Core to her DNA 
    • Used throughout her entire career
  • Why Collen likes grocery shopping so much
  • Structuring the unstructured
  • Water Color side hustle business with a very philanthropic perspective
  • Story telling
    • Writing headlines to tell the story
    • Answer the "So What", what does this information do for you
  • Knowing your worth can be a fine line to implement
  • An ambiguous future and trying to figure it out
  • Getting consistent feedback and having your own inner circle
  • Giving advice by asking questions
  • Love her favorite meal take
  • French Fry friend for life
  • Favorite vacation spot is one of mine