Wish I Knew . . .

#35 Dr. Frank Rosinia - Physician Executive / Finding your path / Relationships / Franks perspective on relationships

January 18, 2022 Gary Nowak Season 1 Episode 35
Wish I Knew . . .
#35 Dr. Frank Rosinia - Physician Executive / Finding your path / Relationships / Franks perspective on relationships
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of "Wish I Knew . . . " 

A podcast where I speak with people about their careers focusing on their success, advice, mentoring and listening to interesting stories.

 I'm your host Gary Nowak and today I've got a special one for you with my Guest Dr. Frank Rosinia.

Accomplished physician Executive

  • Building high performance team 
  • Improving patient safety
  • Creating quality improvement and leading organizational change 

Currently holds 

  • Chairman roles of Anesthesiology at UT Health San Antonio
  • Chairman, health care MBA Advisory Board @ Texas Christian university

Previously held 

  • Professor roles
  • Executive VP of strategy and performance
  • Chief Quality officer



 Major topics that I took away

  • Finding your path
    • Taking a zig zag path through medical profession
    • Looking back on decisions and being proud of yourself
    • Find the culture in University that fit Frank's personality
    • Changing career paths based on looking at individuals in this career
    • Explains why Anesthesiology
  • Great response about "Gunners" in Medical school Lost opportunities
    • In Life
    • Making friends 
    • Learn to be collaborative 
    • Let your work rise with others 
    • Studying on a Saturday night in SEC football country
  • Relationships
    • Relationships are the currency of our lives 
    • Measuring your wealth based on the relationships you maintain 
    • Building relationships and getting a 20 year paper handed back to you from your professor
  • Mentoring 
    • young people need to be open to it and willing to engage
    • People want to be cared for
    • Having an impact on people
    • Influencers - Being from a big Italian family
  • Courage
    • Seeing the answer when it's right in front of you 
    • Having the Courage to face up to your thoughts and making decisions 
    • You are supposed to be off balance sometimes and uncomfortable 
  • Key traits for Franks success
    • Maintaining great relationships 
    • Finding great people
  • The traits Frank looks for in people
    • Humility 
    • Confidence 
    • Results oriented folks 
    • Good interpersonal skills 
    • If you pay attention people declare themselves
  • Getting advice form Adam Grant at Wharton
    • If you are looking for a multiplier 
    • Re-connect with people from your past 
    • It's all upside
  • His favorite meal won't be a surprise at all and the Value of Cocktails