Wish I Knew . . .

#39 Alex Ribeiro - HR Delivery Partner / Curiosity is key / Cristiano Ronaldo (Pecking Order) / Wise perspective on life

February 15, 2022 Gary Nowak Season 1 Episode 39
Wish I Knew . . .
#39 Alex Ribeiro - HR Delivery Partner / Curiosity is key / Cristiano Ronaldo (Pecking Order) / Wise perspective on life
Show Notes

I'm your host Gary Nowak and today I had so much fun with my wise beyond his years guest Alex Ribeiro

Career Overview

  • KFC for over 6 years and started at the age of 14
  • Commonwealth Bank for a year
  • Grad program @ Telstra for over 4 years with positions in:
    • Human Resources delivery partner role 
    • Transformation and people business consultant 
    • Senior change & Implementation consultant
  • Bachelor degree in Business / commerce from University of Technology Sydney



KFC job taught him early about Customer service 


  • Parents were major influencer 
  • Brought a strong Work ethic
  • Immigrated from Portugal

Grad program 

  • Great australian Telco company
  • Assessment process
    • Nothing to lose 
    • Take a lot away 
    • Learning opportunity 
    • Try to be yourself 
    • Treat this like meeting a new house mate 
    • Show up with your best foot forward 
    • Other applicants had a lot of pressure on them 
  • HR being a deliberate career choice

Applying for 3 grad programs vs others applying for 50

Loves building relationships, working in a team, impacting those around him

Over indexing on

  • Collaboration
  • Listening
  • Learning from your peers


Building relationships

  • Help me understand your part of the business
  • Finite timeline where you can use the "newbie" card
  • Giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • Most people are happy to connect
  • Being comfortable with NOT knowing something, which gives him the opportunity to learn
  • Curiosity is key

The pecking order in the Ribeiro Household with kids third and jesus second

Loves getting feedback and coaching, it's getting information to make future decsions


  • Always work hard
  • Do what you enjoy, not what others want you to do


Bigger Influencer in his career Mom or Rinaldo (tough call)

Nearly losing $50,000 failing big and failing early (great for his career)

Dealing with people losing their jobs at this stage of his career

Success isn't a set career plan or destination at this point in time

Finally what he would do with $100 and $1000, the guy is a giver



  • When the stars aligned within the HR group