Wish I Knew . . .

#55 Matt Wigler - Entrepreneur / Jazz & Blues Artist / Trading Time for $$$ / Honest & Ethical Guy

June 07, 2022 Gary Nowak Season 2 Episode 55
Wish I Knew . . .
#55 Matt Wigler - Entrepreneur / Jazz & Blues Artist / Trading Time for $$$ / Honest & Ethical Guy
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of "Wish I Knew . . . " 

A podcast where I speak with people about their careers focusing on their success, advice, mentoring and listening to interesting stories.

 I'm your host Gary Nowak and you are going to enjoy my conversation with Matt Wigler, a gifted young man who is a Jazz & Blues Artist, Speaker and Founder & CEO of a pair of companies.  

Career Background:

  • Manhattan school of music
  • University of Miami for BA in Music and MBA in Finance
  • Jazz & blues artist performing since 2007
  • Founder and CEO of 
  • MHW Live Music 
    • Leading provider of entertainment for Hotel outlets in the US
  • Wigler group both based out of Miami
    • Helping companies achieve a consistent flow of qualified sales meetings



  • Question - Good as a Jazz pianist or good for a 13  year old?
  • Going to a rock and roll camp @ 8 years old
  • Two great mentors with great names
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a couple of companies
  • Family influence, music and being an entrepreneur is in his genes
  • Education in music and discovering Miami
  • 2016 started his first company
  • Picking a lifestyle and working towards it
  • Trading time for money
  • Bigger adrenaline rush music or business
  • Bringing John Cena in the conversation about listening
  • Loving Miami and spreading roots
  • Being strong and courageous through the pandemic, doubling down
  • Looking into the future
  • Working as a consultant and finding an opportunity
  • Building up an annuity
  • Accrual accounting, MUST HAVE
  • Shooting straight and being honest
  • Risk vs pressure
  • Very ethical and honest guy
  • Unimpactful impactful comments
  • Being proud of others

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