Wish I Knew . . .

#54 Caroline Dillon - Global Learning Leader / Using Covid positively / NOT having it figured out / You have nothing to prove

May 31, 2022 Gary Nowak Season 2 Episode 54
Wish I Knew . . .
#54 Caroline Dillon - Global Learning Leader / Using Covid positively / NOT having it figured out / You have nothing to prove
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of "Wish I Knew . . . " 

A podcast where I speak with people about their careers focusing on their success, advice, mentoring and listening to interesting stories.

 I'm your host Gary Nowak and I loved my conversation with Caroline Dillon based on her energy, passion for a multitude of different areas and the way she explores to get the most out of her life and career.  

 Career Background:

  • Joined Google as the Global Learning Communications and Marketing Lead
  • Currently Sector lead for executive thought leadership at Google
  • Consulted at Gagen MacDonald specializing in Change Management
  • Started her career at October Three an actuarial firm where she developed marketing and internal communications
  • Earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and creative writing at TCU
  • Masters of Science in Communication from Northwestern university 



  • Podcast fiend
  • Obsessed with being a baby sitter
  • Theater kid in high school
  • California dreaming in high school
  • Going to Nashville to sing and song write
  • Dad was a musician and entrepreneur
  • Get an arts degree with a business minor
  • Leverage her background to serve her now
  • Using Covid for discovery - visited 22 national parks
  • Having great voices around her while growing up to accept the changes
  • Leaving Nashville for North Texas
  • Being a creative writer
  • Transitioning from school to a career, overwhelmed
  • Decision NOT to go to grad school after her bachelor
  • Everyone else had it figured out
  • Everyone should have a customer service job at some point in their life
  • Getting a great job in Chicago with a family friend, actuarial firm
  • Being able to translate the technical message into something easy to understand
  • Getting great mentoring in her first professional job
  • Getting honest feedback "this isn't ready"
  • Nothing is ever one and done, it takes time and care
  • Be really choiceful with where you spend your time and energy
  • Trust the process
  • Getting a masters while working full time, busy year
  • Great 6 months in Toronto, career changing
  • Finding change management consulting
  • Being in the room where big decisions are being made
  • Deep sharing on being a women in business
  • Being a canary in a coalmine
  • Can be a dog with a bone
  • You have nothing to prove

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